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Announcing Free Books for U.S. Schoolsóbut only with your help and participation!

2023/2024/2025 GUIDELINES - RP Books / Reagent Press is pleased to continue sharing with you The Bugville Critters, a set of more than 100 children's picture books many years in the making. We hope you in turn will share these books with parents, teachers, and anyone else who loves children's stories. The author, Robert Stanek, wrote these books originally as bedtime stories for his own children. The stories address the real issues and challenges children face as they start school, make friends, and start to learn about the world around them. The stories provide real lessons about life, friendship, family, our world, the natural world of which we are all a part, and our environment. With global warming looming large in everyone's thoughts, has there ever been a better time to send positive messages to our children about the importance of our natural world and the environment?

Any classroom that has a "Send A Letter To Buster Bee" campaign can qualify to receive FREE copies of the Bugville Critters books by  sending a sampling of letters from children who participated in the campaign as well as letters from teachers and parents detailing how the books and the "Send A Letter To Buster Bee" campaign helped children learn about reading and writing. Reagent Press has given away about $1,000,000 in books since 2009.

We're asking Pre-K, and K - 3 teachers in schools across the U.S.A. to participate in "Send a Letter to Buster Bee" campaigns and get free books for their classrooms along the way. RP Books will be giving away free copies of Bugville Critters books to Pre-K or K -- 3rd grade teacher who read the books in the classroom to their students as part of story time or any other in-classroom reading activities. The Bugville Critters books are printed in full-color on 70# archival quality paper and come in a variety of formats and sizes.

     Any teacher who wants free copies simply needs to:

  1. Send a letter attached as a PDF to jeannie dot kim at reagentpress dot com stating they'd like free teacher's copies of Bugville Critters books and that they agree to use the books in the classroom and to not resell them.
  1. In the letter, include the teacher's name, classroom number, grade level taught, school name, school telephone number with area code, school address, and principal's name.
  2. In the same or separate emails, attach the letters to Buster Bee written by children in the classroom who participated in the campaign. Letters can be scanned in as .jpg, .pdf or other format. TIP: If you take pictures of letters with a smart phone or camera, make sure the letters are readable.
  3. Every school that follows Steps 1 - 3 and includes at least TEN letters from children in a classroom and at least TWO letters from teachers/educators will be mailed at least 2 (two) and up to 5 (five) premium edition Bugville Critters books. If you'd like a specific book or books, please write the name of the book/books and we will try to accomodate.
  4. Additional free books for participating in a "Send a Letter to Buster Bee" campaign will be given out for every TEN letters you submit with your submission. Many participating schools and classrooms receive additional free copies as well in subsequent years, mailed out at no cost to participating classrooms.  

Please note that the number of books given away depends on sales of The Bugville Critters books and the participation of teachers and schools. Additional free books for participating in a "Send a Letter to Buster Bee" campaign may be given out periodically during each of the participating years. RP Books / Reagent Press reserves the right to change or cancel this giveaway at any time without notice. Valid only in the United States. Void where restricted or otherwise prohibited by law.

 We need your help to make this a success! So what are you waiting for? Help us spread the word about The Bugville Critters stories and get free books for your schools. You can learn more about RP Books / Reagent Press at and You can learn more about The Bugville Critters at

 Thank you for your support!




Jeannie Kim


Jeannie Kim

VP Publisher, RP Books / Reagent Press